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Discover the education pad.
Bent Branderup and the Art of Riding – this is a deep connection. The Danish riding master dedicated his life to the Academic Art of Riding.

To support his students in the development of a good riding seat in the best way, he now has developed the Bent Branderup® Education pad.

This is a unique tool: plain and elegant like a bareback pad but with cushions like a saddle and with a seat cushion. The cushions can be changed easily, so the saddle fits the individual horses back. With a few steps, you can also change the seat cushion and make it suit your needs.

Why an Education Saddle?

The Bent Branderup® Education pad provides the best comfort for the hip of the rider. It allows you to stretch your legs and to find a relaxed seat. It is the first bareback pad that can support a precise balance of the pelvis. Experience shows that many riders who use a conventional bareback pad, tend to ride with a hollow back or a round back. The Education pad can be fitted both to the horses back and to the riders individual anatomy. The fitting is easy, you can do it yourself or with the help of your trainer.

Discover how the stable balance of your pelvis will allow you to refine your primary aid: the seat. The Education pad is flexible like a bareback pad and has the most important quality of a saddle: it connects the horses back to a relaxed and balanced seat.

Caution: The Education pad does not have a regular saddle tree and no front iron. It is a tool for the education of riders and horses in the Academic Art of Riding. It is not suitable for the use of stirrups.

Fitting: The Education pad is very flexible and can, therefore, match most horses and riders.
If you buy your saddle in our webshop, Jossy Reynvoet will fit your pad for free. It is a service we want to offer to our clients.

technical note:
back length: 49cm
flap: 34cm (middle seat to below border flap)
pad: flexible with special flocking

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Colour of leather

Black, Dark brown, Red brown, Light brown