“It is great for people that don’t have the luxury to have regular lessons with Jossy. You can watch the video’s as often as you want and each time you will get something more or different out of them. The art is in mastering the fine details in the suggestions you give to your horse through your body language. Jossy has broken that down very well in small steps what makes it easy to follow. It all makes sense, not only to the human but also to the horse.” – Jannie

“I love the movies. They help me so much with my horses and I do it the same way: First time only watching the next time with some pieces of paper making notices. I am looking forward to the Part Basic riding so that I can continue the work with my youngster.” – Yvonne

“I started practising the things I learned from the videos, and in a short time, it helped me solve many problems with my young horse! I’m looking forward to the desensitizing video course so that I can help my horse overcome even his biggest fears! :-). Thank you.” – Karolina

“Great work of both of you to offer an online complementary course. It’s a format that suits my learning style well as a complement to clinics with Jossy!”

“Good morning Pascale and Jossy, Oh my god, I received your course ‘first riding’ yesterday. I had so many plans for this Sunday, and what did I do? Watching the movies over and over again… Fantastic!!! So clearly structured, so logically explained, thank you again! Have a nice week, Viele grüße!” – Ilse

“Every time I look again at the video I learn something new, they are very useful. And having watched the videos and having the BAR reins I find my Cavesal® makes more sense and I use it a lot better. Great videos and lovely reins and Cavesal® ☺.” – Yvonne

“Thank you! I like your online courses very much! You explain in a very good way and it’s systematic – I love that! I have been lacking inspiration for training and your online courses were the answer for me, I have watched films and been taking notes and I am going to watch them again at least a couple of times and get started with the training. I have a young PRE cross (6 years),  that I am starting to ride more this year and my goal is to stay bitless with her and I also have a Swedish coldblooded trotter (11 years) that needs a new beginning in the riding. I will start them both with your courses first and basic riding. I am looking forward to more online courses from you!” – Katarina

“Thank you so much for the videos, I watch them over and over again, always discovering another ‘new’ detail! They are so helpful to educate my horse, she was a very difficult horse, and now we go out in the forest, I can ride her and in most cases, she is very calm. We are very happy together! We have no trainer in academic style nearby, sadly. So I appreciate your online videos even more!”

“As I was pregnant, I could’t come to Jossy anymore for a while. And for this reason I also worked with my horse on the groundwork more, I played more with him and I did more meetings. I thus stopped ‘starting riding’ (my horse is a youngster and I just began riding a few times, as I got pregnant my boyfriend insisted I stopped doing so for safety reasons) And then I found the online courses from Jossy and I love it. I watched every part of the movie much more than 3 times. First I only watched, then I watched and made my notices and started with my pony and if some things are not clear than I watched one more time. And what should I say, its perfect and I love it! Sometimes my horse has another idea of what to do, and this is often really funny and I love it when we find a way together, on searching how it could work better.
I hope Jossy will find the time to make more of this courses, because this can really be my chance to work with my horse with the Cavesal® from the very beginning.“ – Michaela

“Thank you for the access to Basic Riding. Already looking and studying the course. Thank you for such great online courses showing it from the beginning. I trained my horses exactly like this and after 5 years looking for how to work my horses in another way to ride them, with you and Jossy I found my solution. Since last month I’m riding, bitless, with fantastic Bent saddle (directly I have my neutral seat) or also without a saddle. For me a very big step. Now everything makes sense and also for my horses everything is clear. Thank you very much for all this.” – Bettina